Song of the Year Semi-Finalist

Arthur Cruz  

This is Jennifer with the Song of the Year songwriting contest.
I am contacting you about the material you submitted into the 
previous contest "Where Are You Now." Even though your material did not 
place as a Winner or Finalist, you still did incredibly well in the 
contest. You had an entry that received the Semi-Finalist 
placement as listed on your personalized placement page at 

The 'Semi-Finalist' placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category.  

Your personalized placement page has been created for you 
so that you can reference your songwriting accomplishment from 
your website, press kit, biography, promotional materials, etc...  
It will remain online for years to come. 

Great job and congratulations on your songwriting placement! 

Support Staff 
Song of the Year  
"Pick My Prize" promotion ends on May 6th (More Info) 

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