From The Recordings Html

Recorded summer 1984 apartment home studio with Shure SM58 vocal microphone, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer and a Casio mini-keyboard.


I can’t cry and I can’t fight
There’s nothing left I’m empty inside
Never thought there’d be a day
When I’d break down and have to say that
I don’t love you Like I Did

You hurt me then you’re hurting me now
But something’s changed I’m stronger somehow
I won’t come back on my knees this time
I won’t say, "Baby please be mine"
'Cause I don’t love you Like I Did

Once we had it made we did it all our way
Two people so in love
But nothing stays the same
We started playing games that lovers never win

You made me lie I made you cry
We’ve lost it all so why even try?
I just don’t understand it
This ain’t the way we planned it
But I don’t love you
I can’t love you
I won’t love you
Like I Did